KLIPLA® is an innovative, external wall cladding system with a real brick slips finish. The top-quality brick slips combined with the innovative technology deliver durable façades and reduced costs of their maintenance.

  With the use of brick slips, both flat and quoin, unique aesthetic value is achieved. Precision and pace of installation works, excellent thermal insulation properties and eradication of thermal bridges are among the key advantages of the innovative KLIPLA® system.

System KLIPLA®

System Klipla Insulation board Klipla® P Insulation fastener/plug Klipla® D Insulation board Klipla® P Insulation board Klipla® P Adhesive mortar Klipla® K Joint mortar Klipla® F System Klipla

Insulation board Klipla® P

Insulation board KLIPLA® P

  The proprietary KLIPLA® P thermal insulation board is fitted with horizontal guides to make brick slips application easier and ensure better aesthetic properties. Diamond-shaped grooving serves to create a larger bonding surface.

  The cascade-patterned edges enable the boards to overlap, eradicating the effects of thermal bridges. Furthermore, the board’s low conductivity index is a guarantee of excellent thermal insulation properties.


Adhesive mortar Klipla® K and Joint mortar Klipla® F

Adhesive mortar KLIPLA®K Joint mortar KLIPLA®F

  The KLIPLA® K adhesive mortar is intended for fixing the KLIPLA®P thermal insulation boards and covering them with brick slips.

  The KLIPLA® F pointing mortar is intended for pointing brick slips.


Brick slips Klipla® C

Brick slips Klipla®C

  Brick façades have always been associated with traditional European architecture. Using contemporary production technologies, we can obtain brick slips with changing tint depending on light angle and intensity.

  Non-conventional combinations of face colours and textures help to achieve new, original and often astonishing visual effects.


Insulation fastener/plug Klipla® D

insulation fastener Klipla®D

  The KLIPLA®D fastener is used to transfer loads from a façade onto a wall structure. Its role is to transfer axial tensile forces, caused by the suction effect of wind, protecting the boards from coming off the wall.



Installation Guide Klipla® System

Installation Guide Klipla® System

KLIPLA® Special Tools

KLIPLA®  Special Tools
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