Insulation board Klipla® P

System elements - KLIPLA® Thermal Insulation Board

The KLIPLA®P thermal insulation panels are intended for making KLIPLA system-based external wall insulations. The boards are machine-formed.

   This innovative product is characterised by: 

  • good cohesion and density of material beads,

  • pecial hydrophobic coating,

  • to provide protection from water ingress,

  • good dimensional stability – no seasoning required,

  • good thermal insulation properties,

  • good mechanical strength.

The KLIPLA®P thermal insulation panel displays the following innovative features:

  • Cascade-patterned edges enable the boards to overlap, making installation easier and eradicating thermal bridges at joints.

  • Square-shaped grooving on the back side creates a larger bonding surface between the board and the wall.

  • Diamond-shaped grooving on the front side creates a larger bonding surface for fixing brick slips.

  • Profiled recesses enable easier installation of the fasteners.

  • Profiled horizontal installation guides, dimensioned to match the slip size, ensure easy brick slip bonding and better façade aesthetic properties.


  • 50 mm

  • 80 mm

  • 100 mm

  • 120 mm

  • 140 mm

  • 150 mm

  • 160 mm

  • 180 mm

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