Brick slips KLIPLA®C

Brick slips the look of their original brick facade.

 These thin slices of masonry replicate the look of conventional bricks, and can be supplied in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit both contemporary and traditional projects. The brick slips with pistol corner bricks have the same appearance as ordinary brickwork with full bricks.

Technical sheet

 Brick slips are 20 mm thick slips of original facing bricks and as such have the same characteristics as the facing bricks in accordance with European CE standards. They are also lightweight and very easy to handle.

Extruded brick slips are manufactured and fired at a 10 - 17mm thickness, in exactly the same way as traditional clay bricks, essentially offering a hard wearing, genuine brick finish.

When applying these slips to your outside wall, the reduced thickness has the advantage that the normal detailing of windows and doors is maintained. This means you will not have high alteration costs. When applying to interior walls, you will lose less space because of the reduced thickness. When joined, the brick slips have the same appearance as ordinary brickwork with full bricks.

Brick slips KLIPLA®C together with thermal insulation panels KLIPLA®P, adhesive mortar KLIPLA®K, pointing mortar -KLIPLA®F and fastener-KLIPLA®D it makes up the KLIPLA® external wall cladding system with a real brick slips finish.

Sizes of brickslips:
Module size 52: ± 190 x 20/15 x 52 mm
Waal size: ± 210 x 20/15 x 52 mm
Module size 65 : ± 240/190 x 20/15 x 65 mm
Thick size: +/- 210 x 20/15 x 65 mm
Normal size: +/- 240 x 20/15 x 71 mm

Brick Slips are manufactured using natural clay products, therefore slight differences in actual colour can occur, therefore we suggest that boxes of brick slips are mixed thoroughly on-site prior to application. We highly recommend that physical samples are obtained prior to the ordering of materials. All colours are subject to availability.

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