Joint mortar Klipla® F - Technical Data Sheet


KLIPLA®F is a modified trass-containing mortar mix designed for pointing brick slips. Together with thermal insulation panels - KLIPLA®P, fasteners (anchors) -KLIPLA®D, adhesive mortar -KLIPLA®K and brick slips KLIPLA®C, it makes up the KLIPLA® external wall cladding system with a real brick slips finish . The mortar can be applied both indoors and outdoors


  KLIPLA®F is a ready-to-use dry mix made of top quality cement-based binder, aggregates and modern modifiers. It contains trass–a mineral that highly reduces the possibility of efflorescence on a brick slips facade. It is innovative, efficient, very comfortable and easy to use. The mortar features very good workability, is easy to shape and features enhanced adhesion, flexibility and vapour-permeability. It is frost-proof and water-resistant

Substrate preparation

 Before starting pointing a brick slips facade, clean thoroughly the joints between brick slips and remove any dust, dirt and deposits. The joints should be of the same depth, that’s why while installing brick slips to the KLIPLA®P panels, the excess of KLIPLA®K adhesive mortar should be removed on a regular basis. Pointing the facade clad with brick slips can be started once the KLIPLA®K adhesive mortar used to fix them is set, not later than after 48 hours. Directly before pointing, the brick slips should be sprinkled with water using a sprayer

Mortar preparation

 To prepare the pointing mortar KLIPLA®K pour the entire bag contents into a vessel containing a pre-measured amount of water (proportion 2,00 ÷ 2,25l per 25 kg of dry mix) and stir it to obtain homogenous consistency. It should be stirred mechanically using a low-speed drill with a paddle or in a mixer. The mortar is ready to use after leaving it for approx. 5 minutes and after remixing. The ready to use mortar must be used entirely within approximately 1 hours. Further adding water and remixing is impermissible.


The product under the above-mentioned conditions has a storage life of 12 months from the manufacturing date printed on the bag.

Direction for use

 Apply the pointing mortar KLIPLA®K (mixed with water) to an edge of the metal trowel and then, push the edge closer to a joint to be pointed. Using a narrow brick jointer push the mortar deep and tight into the joints, paying attention not to soil the brick slips face. In the case of soiling the brick slips face, remove the dirt with a brush (wall brush). To provide optimum setting conditions, the freshly pointed joints should be kept slightly moist for a few days e.g. by sprinkling them with a sprayer or gently washing them with clean water –the surface should be protected against direct sunlight. The final colour of the joint appears once it is completely dry, after approx. 3-4 days, depending on the weather conditions.


 To maintain the same colour shade of pointed joints within the same surface (building or at least on the entire wall surface) use pointing mortar KLIPLA®K with the same manufacturing date and filling number (see the bag), and use the same amount of water to prepare the pointing mortar. Joints should be protected against rapid drying. Pointing outer brick slips should be started when no heavy precipitation is forecast within the next 3 days, at temperatures above +5°C and at low humidity. Failure to follow the abovementioned tips as well as adding improper amounts of water for preparation may lead to worsen the mortar parameters and may result in discolorations. The differences in joint depth may lead to the effect of irregular colour shade. The KLIPLA®F mix for pointing clinker tiles is a component of KLIPLA®external wall cladding system with a real brick slips finish . Its properties and parameters can be fully utilised only when combined with the remaining system components and when meeting the technology requirements.The provided information makes basic guidelines regarding the product use and it does not free users from observing good building practice, the generally accepted rules for carrying out heat insulations and workplace safety regulations.

Aproved by German institute for engineering DIBt National technical approvals Z-33.46-928

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