Adhesive mortar Klipla® K - Technical Data Sheet

Range of use. KLIPLA®K

 KLIPLA® K is designed for bonding thermal insulated facade panels KLIPLA®®P to substrate and for gluing brick slips to the panels. Together with thermal insulating facade panels KLIPLA®®P, insulation fastener KLIPLA®® D,pointing mortar KLIPLA®C® F and brick slips it makes the KLIPLA® external wall insulation system with a real brick finish . The KLIPLA® K adhesive mortar can be applied to any mineral substrate and to unplastered walls made of concrete, brickwork, blocks, hollow ceramic blocks and other ceramic, cement-based or lime-sand materials. The KLIPLA® K mortar is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. The product is frost and water-resistant.


  The insulation panels KLIPLA®P are bonded to the substrate by means of the adhesive mortar KLIPLA®K. Substrate - stable. even and load-bearing, i.e. suitably strong, free from any deposits reducing mortar adhesion Apply mortar to the inner side of the facade panel with the mortar points method, the adhesive mortar KLIPLA®K is applied in
a closed strip along the edges of the insulation panel as well as in
a number of adhesive “points” distributed over the panel surface. Therefore the adhesive mortar is applied at some distance from the edge of the panels. This method is preferred in the case of substrates with irregularities greater than
10 mm/2 m, but always with a maximum of 20 mm. So that the mortar covers at least 40 % of the panel surface (once pressed to the substrate the KLIPLA® K adhesive mortar should cover at least 60 % of the pane' surface). press the facade panel to the substrate so that the mortar layer under the panel is not thicker than 1 cm. With even and smooth substrates it is recommended with the comb bed method, the adhesive mortar is applied over the entire insulation panel. This method is used with substrates having irregularities of less than 10 mm/2 m.




Shelf - life: Approx. 12 months stored dry in closed bags


 Pour the dry mortar into a container with a pre-measured amount of water (6,00 – 6,25 liters of water per 25 kg of dry powder) and mix until homogenous. Restir after 5 minutes. Use the mortar within approx.
1 hours.


 can be started once the KLIPLA® K adhesive mortar used to bonded the KLIPLA® P panel is hardened and after fixing the panels with the KLIPLA® D fastening plugs. Fill in adhesive between the lineation ridges with the smooth side of a comb trowel ( 6mm toothed comb ). Aplly adhesive over the back side of the brick slip with the toothed comb and glue it against the ridge of the insulation board. The application of adhesive to the two surfaces, both the brick slip and the insulation panel, is essential for the bonding strength of the adhesive mortar.
By pressing on the slip and moving it a bit to the left and right, prevent air from remaining behind the brick slips. The mortar should be applied at a substrate and air temperature ranging from +5º C to +30º C. Consumption. For smooth and even substrates the consumption of KLIPLA® K mortar used to glue the KLIPLA® P panels ranges from approx, 4.0 to 5.0 kg/m², and in the case of brick slips the consumption value ranges from approx. 3.0 to 4.0 kg/m². The information provided makes basic guidelines instructing users how to use the product and does not relieve the user of the obligation to observe the rules of good practice, meet the requirements of DIBt AbZ Z-33.46-928, product specification sheet, rules for thermal insulation work and general work safety precautions. Storage and transport. Transport and store in tightly closed bags under dry conditions (pallets are recommended). Protect against moisture. Shelf life under conditions meeting the requirements is up to 12 months from the date of production provided on the bag. Max. content of soluble chromium (VI) in product ready for use 0.0002 %. The product has been given Technical Approval DIBt Z-33.46-928. Made in EU.

The product has been given Technical Approval DIBt Z-33.46-928. Made in EU.

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